50 Hands

50 days of drawings and art sales experiment

This was an art sale experiment I did in 2016. The mechanics were as follows:

How it works

  • I’ll be making 50 originals and I want you to have them
  • The price increases every day: the first piece will be $1, the second piece $2, the third piece $3 and so forth…
  • They will be sold through my email list. I will send an email with a purchase link daily. The first person to complete the purchase gets it.
  • That’s it! Subscribe here and join the fun!


The idea came from artist Jolie Guillebeau. In this interview she talks about her first 100-day painting series and how she was able to get unstuck as an artist and develop a relationship with her supporters. I don’t feel stuck right now but I loved the idea when I heard about it. Seems like a fun way to share some work and connect with people.

Other quesitons

  • How many are you making? I’ll be making 50 for this series, hence the #fiftyHands hashtag and title.
  • Are they all just one dollar, how can you make any money doing this? Only the first one is one dollar, the price increases with every new piece. I’m doing this because I want to establish a relationship with you, share my art and generate excitement. At the end my costs are covered and what I learn will be priceless.
  • How big are the pieces? Sizes will vary between 5″x 5″ and 7″x 5″ (inches) on 3/4″ thick birch plywood. You’ll get an original, hand painted, numbered and signed piece of art.
  • How will I mount them on my wall? The back of each piece has a mounting hole. You can hang it from a nail or a regular drywall screw.
  • Why hands? I love making things with my hands. It’s a simple realization I had -perhaps late in life- and I like to remind myself every time I get a chance.
  • Will you ship outside the U.S? I’ll do it if you pay for shipping. If you buy a piece, give me your address and I can send you an invoice for shipping costs. Shipping for U.S addresses is included.
  • What form of payment do you take? I’m using Paypal. If you prefer another provider let me know.