NekoBoss Automata Kit

A Cat-Themed Laser-cut Kit

Meet the Nekoboss! I designed this automata kit for the Neko Show at Giant Robot Store.

If you have one, assembly instructions are first. Scroll down for more details.

Assembly Manual

The original assembly manual doesn’t have any words but I’ll add some commentary here for clarity. I designed the kit to be assembled without glue but you can add a little bit on some non-moving parts to make it more durable.

Start by inserting the Keys (part K) on the back of the robot body. The back has no markings, the front has scored lines on the claws.

Next insert part Z on the slot of the round wheel. It’s important that the longer section of Z is on the center of the wheel. Since laser cut parts don’t create a perfectly straight edge, flip the wheel around if you are having trouble inserting part Z.

Now insert the wheel in the middle of the robot body.

Slide the cat head on the top key. The face should be facing down.

Now install the large T shaped part. The vertical slots accommodate the studs on part K and the horizontal slot should accommodate the small stud from part Z that comes out of the wheel. Press it down, there should be some resistance and a satisfying click.

Use two retainers, part O, to secure the big T part in place. Install them with the “faces” looking at you. That way they’ll have a tight fit.

Now flip the whole assembly and attach the big gear, the one with the rat, in front.

Install the axle, part T, on the small gear. If you are having trouble getting the part through the slot flip the gear around and see if there is a better fit.

Now flip the small gear and insert the axle on the left claw.

Use the third retainer, part O, to hold the small gear in place.

Attach two keys, part K, on the back of the robot head.

Flip it around and install it on the slots of the big T. Press it as far as it will go, this leaves a gap just big enough for the cat head to fit though.

The last step is to add the feet.

Congratulations, you are done!

More about NekoBoss

I designed this kit to go along with the wall mounted piece on Giant Robot’s Neko Show: a cat themed exhibition. The wall mounted piece is a kinetic sculpture that is activated by a motion sensor and powered by a small gear motor.