Drawing Plants on Plants

15 September 2021

I’ve been experimenting with making more process videos. This piece uses several types of woods glued together or as inlays to create a wooden panel that I drew on with acrylic markers.

Some things I didn’t show in the video:

  • Most of the wood is was cut using a laser cutter.
  • To get some of the colors out of a limited marker palette I squirted a few drops from different markers aside and mixed together.
  • I had to fill some of the gaps in between the inlays with wood filler
  • I applied 3 coats of transparent gesso.

These are the types of wood I used:

  • Torreya nucifera (カヤ) – for its yellow-gold color on the “eye” inlays
  • Katsura wood (カツラ) – on the main drawing area
  • Japanese Cedar (スギ) – on top for its reddish tone
  • Poplar, aka American tulipwood – for it’s green tone, more noticeable on the back.
  • Baltic birch plywood – because it’s a staple for making all sorts of things around here and it cuts so well on the laser cutter.