Zines are self published small works. I enjoy making them and collecting them. Zines have a long and geeky history and often feel very personal. I doubt anyone got rich by selling zines but that’s part of the appeal. I’ve bought zines from artists I admire when I couldn’t afford their other work, buying these is also a form of art collecting since you are getting short runs and experimental pieces.

We are ready to accept that life is weird

This one is a 44 page collection of drawings. I worked on these drawings for about two years, often in the mornings. I let my pen wander and some pieces reflect the hazy nature of this time. Some are tighter illustrations that I worked over several days reflecting on the weird and whimsical nature of life.

The covers are in color but the inside pages are in black and white, reproduced on a copy machine in true zine fashion . Check out my Etsy shop to buy this one.

The Portal

I had been doing colored pencil illustrations for a while and I really enjoyed the look. Also, I wanted to explore some narrative with my drawings so this is an early experiment in starting a story and letting it flow and wander wherever it wanted. Perhaps that’s not the best way to construct a solid story but I liked the end result. Although this one is inspired by some colored pencil drawings I did it entirely digitally using the procreate app on an iPad. This process also made it somewhat easier to deal with reproduction. A total of 10 pages in full color (with a limited palette) and half letter size ( 4.25 by 5.5 inches). Also available on my Etsy shop.

Overgrown Legend

zine cover

I joined the Inktober challenge in 2019 and made 31 drawings during the month of October. One complete drawing per day. Almost all of them were done on paper using actual ink. I went old-school with this one and inked the drawings with a dip pen.
As the month of drawings progressed a sort of narrative started to emerge as I kept on drawing some of the same characters in different situations. When it came to organizing the pages of the zine I followed the narrative and not the order in which they were drawn. Keen viewers can see some heavy influence from Theo Ellsworth, I love his work and we have been collaborating on another zine and a lot similar ideas migrated here.
There are a total of 28 black and white pages, with 3 more drawings on the cover, and the size is 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches. The title “Overgrown Legend” comes from the Inktober prompts from days 14 and 15. You can find it on my Etsy Shop.