into space

Into space is the second piece on the red cat series. The basic idea was inspired by a previous drawing. I wanted to draw a scene where the cat is jumping into a cosmic adventure. I also started this one with a sketch on tracing paper that became the template for the CNC cutting.

Initial sketch and the drawing that inspired it.
Initial sketch and the drawing that inspired it.
Cutting the pockets on the CNC
Cutting the pockets on the CNC

For the circles on I used a combination of watercolors and diluted acrylic inks. These bleed a little bit on wood but I think that added to the piece. I enjoy the look of the wood grain.

Using a quill pen and acrylic ink for highlights

In this case I painted the frame with black gesso (instead of just staining it as with the previous one). I painted the double edge with colored pencils and the waves with red acrylic ink.

coloring the edges
Finished piece 7″x10″
the back with notes on all the pigments used

This piece is 7″x10″ and it was painted on 3/4″ birch plywood using mix media (acrylic inks, gesso and colored pencils).